Both Zhiyun and DJI have been at loggerheads with the way they launch one technological marvel after another in their range of gimbals. Zhiyun have been really impressive with their S series and it is apparent that they have worked hard to create this marvel. 

Though on face of it, the Crane 2S may appear to be directly competing with its larger sibling 3S, but there are some underlying differences which set it apart.


The Crane 2S is compatible with wide range of DSLRs and Mirrorless alike. Thanks to its high motor power, Crane 2S can handle even large cameras like Panasonic S1H, Canon  EOS 1DX Mark II or Nikon D850.

With Crane 2S, Zhiyun introduces a cool new feature to lock each axis arm, which makes the set up fast and easy.

Axis mobility with the tilt ranges from -80 to 135 degrees, roll -35 to 35 and pan -180 to 180 degrees. This really adds to the versatility of the gimbal. 

The Crane 2S has two ¼ inch screw threads positioned above grip which can be used to fix accessories like monitors or extension arms etc. 

The grip features a joystick which is easy to reach to make its operation easy. The grip itself is slightly larg in size because it houses 3 nos. 2600mAH batteries that power the gimbal nonstop for almost 12 hours. 

Build and Handling

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Like other Zhiyun gimbals, the 2S also retains its basic design with strong build quality. The overall build quality is top notch. The large grip feels great and makes it easy to hold the large load. The grip is however devoid of rubber textured cover which does pose some problems with hands that sweat a lot.

One glaring flaw is that the roll motor covers the LCD screen of camera, which we believe is major drawback.

Setting up the gimbal is easy and intuitive. 

The Crane 2S offers both digital and manual focus control. 

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The Crane 2S features some cool cinematic features like Panorama, Timelapse, Motionlapse and Long Exposure Timelapse.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to Setup
  • Easy to switch between modes
  • Good App


  • Plates get sticky at times
  • Roll motor obstructs the camera screen

Our Verdict

After the 3S, the release of 2S raised expectations but the biggest drawback is its traditional design which makes you work harder than usual to get the same work done. It uses the same app as that of 3S and offers you unique features like Full Range POV, Vortex and wonderful Go Modes. The performance is quite impressive, and it more or less does the job using the app and accessories. 

If you are the one who is more into DSLRs or Mirrorless, then2S is a great option but if you are more into larger cinema cameras and DSLRs then opt for their Crane 3S.