Zeiss with four new full frame optics viz. 18mm, 40mm, 65mm and 135mm has extended its ‘Supreme Prime Radiance’ lens line. Specially engineered for high quality film production, all these 4 lenses feature a maximum aperture of T1.5 and a uniform front diameter of 95mm throughout with harmoniously positioned aperture and focus rings to provide a user friendly experience during productions.

These lenses as claimed by Zeiss, provide remarkably smooth transitions from in focus to out of focus areas offering an “elegant” bokeh. Along with that, the lenses boast a unique look with a consistent flaring which can be controlled by the user for a variety of scenarios providing greater creative freedom.

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In addition to the usual metadata provided by the Cooke’s/i technology protocol, these lenses also offer frame by frame data on distortion and vignette, thanks to the eXtended Data technology by Zeiss. The lenses are also claimed to provide an efficient and seamless workflow especially when it comes to virtual production and VFX.

The lenses come with a PL mount and are compatible with a wide range of sensors which includes full frame and also work with some of the current camera models in the market like the ARRI Alexa LF, Mini LF, the Red Monstro and the Sony Venice.

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With these new 4 lenses added to the Supreme Prime Radiance lens line, the family has now increased to a total of 11 focal lengths viz. 135mm, 100mm, 85mm, 65mm, 50mm, 40mm, 35mm, 29mm, 21mm, and 18mm, all of which weigh just 3.5 pounds on an average.

These four new lenses can be ordered either individually or as a set or even with previous range of total 11 lenses from the Zeiss Cinema Lens Dealers. While no price has been declared, they will be available from Q3 of 2021.