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Can you guess which is most important part of your camera? No, its not the lens. It’s the battery. No matter how expensive your camera and lens is, you can’t even on the camera if your battery is out of juice. And it’s a no brainer that the same camera battery is in blurred vision with almost all camera brands. Camera technology has changed leaps and bounds but hardly any brand has put any effort in working to improve the batter. Same old design, same old “already squeezed out juice”, and the worst part, you still have to put the battery in your camera to find out how much battery power is left in it. 

Well, not any more. The X-tra Battery is changing the entire perception about battery. It is all about how a battery should be. It is taking care of almost every aspect that has been overlooked so far.

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With vlogging becoming quite popular and with advent of mirrorless cameras, battery has become all the more important but unfortunately the battery life has gone down drastically since almost every feature of mirrorless cameras drains battery.

X-tra promises to resolve many similar issues with their innovative solution. And just to name a few:

  • With 3700mAH it packs 2x the battery power than the normal and yet remains light weight
  • Features “Charge Level Indicator” to help you see the charge left in each battery without having to mount it in camera.
  • Rechargeable using USB-C 
  • Fast mounting
  • Can be converted into a power bank (7200mAH)
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Looking at the features, X-tra appears to be the right option. What is interesting to note is that the charging through USB-C will work even if your camera does not support that.

X-tra also supports multiple cameras which makes it even more versatile.

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X-tra project is currently on Kickstarter where they are pricing it at $99 for one battery and charging case.

As every product, this too is not perfect. Its bulging base may create problems while setting up the camera on a tripod. But since this is at its initial development stage, we feel that they will find a way to fix this over a period of time.

For more details you can check their Kickstarter Project.