Canon and its rumours with EOS R are everywhere in the air since the announcement of Canon EOS R5 and the probability of Canon EOS R6 being announced, both in 2020. The company has planned much ahead of time and has set their foot off the gas to focus on bringing in two more EOS R shooters in the upcoming year, 2021. This is something that is going to hit us soon and that will be very exciting. This one looks with some really good features and people are going to enjoy every bit of it.

It’s all firecrackers and celebrations for the company to be able to raise the bar by launching back to back cameras in the market. The information about the two new EOS-R bodies which are most likely to get market exposure in 2021 is not adequate to let the people know. So come the next year and we will surely get to see these and that will be really good and you can have a good time with it.

The journey to the expected arrival is still a far way to go. But because the fire has already erupted, the smoke has to reach the people. And so it did. Sources believe the following can be the features that these two veiled heroes might possess. Have a look and you might be left feeling thrilled and curious to know more. There are many options in the market but this looks to be very futuristic and is expected to come up with so any new things and that is the best part about these.

Canon EOS R5s with a high- megapixel lens can be out. This camera might be the face of the perfect resolution. Performance can be between average to good but in terms of resolution, this camera will emerge into a hero. This looks to be good in terms of the price and also the quality and hence this is winning combination for one and all, and that is the best part.

Secondly and fortunately for sports shooters, an EOS R1 can stand a high chance of being unleashed. The company is intricately devoted to it’s making.

Not leaving any stones unturned, you must also be informed that an entry-level EOS RP can set foot in the market and be one out of the expected two.

It seems Canon is in a frenzy to land in the number one position in the scale of mirrorless cameras. And if they succeed in their intentions it will create havoc in the minds of their competitors.
Also, these are just probabilities of what could happen and not facts about what must happen. The best we can do is to let time unfold and clear the doubts.

Let’s just hope the camera sales don’t undergo a huge drop during the current situation and even if it does, it should manage to rebound quickly and be back on the tracks.