The Technical Image Press Association has finally announced the winner of the TIPA World Awards 2021. The awards shed light towards the best cameras and lenses for photographers of various skill levels.

The nominations for the awards were gathered by the technical committee editors of TIPA which consists of magazines from across the world. The equipments are then tested and evaluated taking into consideration any new technologies for emerging trends.

The classification for the products started early in 2020 e and the voting finally took place on April 30 2021.

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The winners in the ‘Camera’ category are:

Sony seemed to have received most of the awards but apart from that, the results are spread out among the leading brands in the market.

While Nikon and Sony nabbed the full-frame still camera awards, Cannon managed to get awarded for the best entry-level APS-C camera.

The winners for the ‘Lens’ category are:

The two brands that stand out of others with the majority of awards are Sigma and Tamron, whereas Canon, Nikon, Sony and Laowa bagged one award each.

However, the criteria opted by TIPA is not clear enough, it can be seen that the third party manufacturers lead the charts leaving first-party optics behind.
TIPA Award Winners can be seen on its Website.