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Tamron has launched the 150-500mm f/5-6.7 Di III VC VXD, specially designed for Sony’s mirrorless cameras and claimed to be Tamron’s first ever full-frame super telephoto zoom lens. This new lens, with its focal length, compact size and price is sure to attract sports and wildlife photographers, along with some long-lens shooters

Measuring just 8.3 inches long at 150mm and 11.1 inches at 500mm with a diameter of 3.7 inches, the lens is extremely compact and portable and weighs just 4.1 pounds (3.8lb without lens foot). Tamron also mentioned that the lens can move within the entire zoom range by turning the ring just by 75 degrees.

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The lens features a zoom ring on its outer end and a focus ring on the end that fits the camera along with a lock switch to prevent unnecessary movement of the zoom ring, a focus limiter switch, image stabilization on/off switch, an image stabilization mode switch and a focus mode switch. Along with that, the lens thread size for filters is 82mm.

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The lens constitutes of 25 elements in 16 groups which include, one Extra low Dispersion (XLD) element, 5 Low Dispersion (LD) elements and 2 hybrid Aspherical elements that help produce high quality images and minimize aberrations. It comes with a BBAR-G2 coating which nullifies flare and ghosting and the fluorine coating makes it dust, moisture and finger print resistant. Additionally, the lens also features a 7-bladed round aperture which, as claimed by the company, stays almost perfectly round upto 2 stops down from the maximum aperture.

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Powered by Tamron’s VXD linear autofocus motor, the 150-500mm lens is claimed to produce accurate and high-speed movements, making it the perfect choice for aircraft, wildlife as well as sports shooting. The motor has been specially engineered to minimize any vibrations and noise which is ideal for video shooters. The lens also features a Vibration Compensation mechanism which can be controlled using the outer switches for optical image stabilization. Along with that, on the wide end, the lens can achieve focus as close as 23.6 inches however on the telephoto lens the close focus is achieved at a minimum 70.9 inches.

The Tamron 150-500mm lens should be available to purchase by mid-June 2021 and will cost $1,400