In May 2021, Photoshop released its version 22.4 and as a part of it, Adobe made a notable change to its save as command. The company left the users bewildered by altering the mere functionality of the function. 

Adobe added a new feature ‘Save a Copy’ which is absolutely new for the users in comparison to the ‘Save’ and ‘Save As’ commands that have been in the software forever.

Adobe notes, “You now have the option to save a copy of your work using the new Save a Copy option in the File dropdown menu.” The option creates a copy of your work, allowing you to share and export it as a separate file in any format without changing the original file. 

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“With this new option, only supported files that maintain your work will be supported in the Save As command. If the file type you’d like to save isn’t an option, simply go to Save a Copy and create another version in your desired file type.”, Adobe writes.

Although it appears that Adobe added a third option just to frustrate the users, this change was not something the company was keen on making.

Stephen Nielson, the Product Manager of Photoshop said that the company was bound to make the change due to an update Apple made in its OS recently. The API Adobe used for Save AS was removed by Apple, thereby forcing the company to make a completely different menu item in order to overcome it. This happened because, like most of the other applications, Photoshop is also dependent on the operating systems for ‘Open’ and ‘Save’ dialogues.

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“Being able to edit the filename in the save dialog allowed Photoshop to safely combine the “Save As” and “Save a Copy” operations into one, enabling people to choose which way to go while the dialog was open. We could do this safely because we were able to selectively append ‘copy’ to the filename in situations that might otherwise lead to work being lost,” elaborates Adobe. “The ‘Save As’ command still does the same thing as it did before, only you no longer have the option to ‘Save a Copy’ or save to a format that would not fully preserve the document’s contents. The newly saved file becomes the new file associated with the document for future saves.”

Although Apple’s update was behind this change, it affects both Mac and PC users. Whatever be the reason, Adobe was the one to make the change and is the face of it in front of the public. And users certainly are not happy.