Photography and Post Processing go hand in hand, so much so that it is an integral part of a photography workflow. Both cameras and post processing software have taken a leap in terms of their features, ease of use and power that they pack in helping you create great images. No matter how good and powerful the camera is, need for post processing is growing because of multiple reasons. This article is not about finding reasons but about acknowledging the fact that post processing is important and it does take time, in fact lot of time to process an image to make it share or print worthy. Sitting on computer, moving the different sliders on Lightroom or Photoshop is time consuming and at times daunting as well. While we cannot do much on the time taken for the artist’s vision to take shape, but there is certainly a solution for time taken because of the limitations of using different sliders in Lightroom/Photoshop. And that solution is Loupedeck+. It’s a console which makes your life much easy and intuitive. The change is as drastic as transitioning from rewinding or forwarding a song on cassette player to becoming a Radio Jockey using a console.
Loupedeck+ is an advanced version of Loupedeck and with the + sign against Loupedeck, it has taken a leap in terms of features and possibilities it offers.

What Exactly is Loupdeck+

Loupedeck+ is a console with customisable knobs and buttons to edit photos and videos on different platforms. It not only helps in processing, it also helps in organising images by sorting, rating, flagging and culling images using dials and buttons.

How Loupedeck+ is different from Loupedeck?

While the size more or less remains the same, the first noticeable change is its better built quality. The knobs and buttons have a much better and stable tactile feel. They do look solid compared to Loupedeck. The buttons are much more customisable. They might appear to confuse you initially but once set, it will work like a breeze. While Loupedeck was designed for Lightroom, Loupdeck+ works on Photoshop, Premier Pro, Aurora HDR etc making it useful for many others than just photographers.

While in Use

Though Loupedeck+ can be used on many software, we used it on Lightroom and found the huge improvement in speeding up the workflow. In this video Rajneesh does an in depth review of Loupedeck and takes you through how he uses it to process different images. Click on the video for full review.

Compatible Software

While its predecessor was designed mainly to work only with Lightroom making its use limited, Loupedeck+ is quite versatile and can be customized to work with the following software:

  • Adobe Lightroom Classic
  • Adobe Photoshop CC with Camera Raw
  • Capture One
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  • Adobe After Effects CC
  • Final Cut Pro X
  • Adobe Audition
  • Skylum: Aurora HDR


Setting up Loupedeck+ and using it is very easy and intuitive. The buttons and knobs might intimidate you if you are using it for the first time but is very intuitive and takes very less time to set up.


  • Much better tactile feel with better built quality making it easy to operate keys and knobs
  • Dedicated HSL scroll wheel
  • Highly customisable
  • Works on wide array of software


  • No wireless connectivity
  • After usage the matt finish shows scratches

Final Words

If you are a dedicated photographer or videographer who values time and wants to speed up his workflow, then this is for you.You can buy this from amazon But if you are not a regular user then you may consider the price and affordability before buying it.