The ‘Warmsphere’ Preset by Altphotos can add a retro look to the images. The colors in the image will get stronger, and the photo will have more contrast than before. 



2.  B&W Sombre

 If you are looking for a black and white Preset to enhance your photos, check out this Preset. This Preset will remove the overblown highlights from the image. The image will get darker, as the Preset will reduce the shadows and blacks from the image. 

3.  Film Matte 

After using the Preset, the image will get more vibrant, and the clarity also increases. The shadow in the image gets lighter, giving the image a boost. 

4. Visual Flow

Photographers  can post produce images by lighting condition, which creates more consistent results and speeds up a photographer’s workflow.


5.  Skin Tone 

This Preset aims to correct the skin tone in portrait photographs. Correcting the skin tone in Lightroom may take some time, this Preset will make your process easy. 

6. Valley Isle Sampler 

The Preset collection has muted organic tones and tan skin tones, giving you an island vibe.


7. Heck Yeah Art Pack

This popular Lightroom Presets pack is designed to make the subjects in the images stand out. The art pack Presets gives a muted look to the images making it suitable to photos of multiple locations, different lighting conditions, and varied skin tones.