Many of us had fallen in love with our Canon 5D Mark IV DSLR and were eagerly waiting for its successor to be unveiled. As a strong grape wine from reliable sources, we all could be in a huge disappointment. It appears that Canon has decided to discontinue its extremely popular and versatile 5D line of cameras.

All this while we have been getting the news that Canon is working on the Canon 5D Mark V to be able to unveil it by the end of 2020. Exact reasons are not yet known but it seems that high demand of mirrorless line of cameras and latest Covid 19 pandemic, could be the reasons behind this decision.

As per Canon Rumours Canon 5D Mark V development was stopped some time back and that it is headed their 7D series way.

On more probing, it was confirmed that Canon doesn’t have any plans to bring an EOS R5 version in their DSLR line up.

Canon also acknowledges that 5D Series was very popular and pioneering line up and there are still sizeable number of DSLR fans who refuse to buy into Mirrorless technology and they may be feeling utterly disappointed with this sad news. It is quite possible that Canon may be working on a non 5D camera which may be positioned as an alternative to 5D Mark V.

Though this fan base of 5D series may be shrinking but Canon already under pressure in mirrorless segment does not want to lose them so there is a possibility of some sort of development going on to accommodate these photographers as well.

For those who are new, Canon 5D was announced way back in 2005 it was the first full frame DSLR camera by Canon in a regular shape and size. If we do not consider size and shape of camera, then 1D line was the first full frame series by Canon. Canon created a flutter in photography market in 2008 when they announced the release of their flagship and revolutionary Canon 5D Mark II.

Another interesting piece of information is that Canon put their entire focus on developing RF mount lenses in 2019 instead of EF lenses and in January 2020 even accepted that they are not looking in developing new EF lenses, unless of course there is a demand from the market.

Given the lifespan of these cameras, Canon might have taken a wise decision to do away with the 5D Series of DSLRs.

Whatever may be the reason, it is certainly going to be a huge disappointment to loyal customer base of Canon 5D Series.