Instagram has been planning on introducing new tools to help influencers and content creators to profit from the app, more than earlier, along with creating a platform to find brand sponsorships. Beginning just as a photo-sharing app, Instagram has come a long way to become an integral part of the social life of so many people and businesses.

Instagram currently has some interesting shopping features which even let the businesses showcase their products to the potential customers on a separate shopping tab. According to reports, Instagram seems to be working on expanding the same by adding new creator shops, “branded content marketplace” and affiliate commerce.

Mark Zuckerberg along with the Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, notes that for creators there are two parts of the content creation business: one; to create good content and two; being able to sell stuff on creator shops.

The Affiliate Marketing Opportunities will consist of enhanced tools which will allow for users being paid for promoting products. For this, Instagram is planning on creating an “Affiliate Recommendation Marketplace”. The company is also building a “branded content marketplace” to help find suitable sponsors for the influencers.

These days when brands want to go to well established influencers for sponsorships, these tools will provide new talents with opportunities. However, no details regarding the deals between influencers and sponsors have been specified yet. But Zuckerberg does plan on creating influencer friendly terms without thinking much about the company’s profitability.

The company is still in the development stage for the tools, but they are sure to generate a whole lot of opportunities for the newbies hence creating Instagram as the main hub for content creation. Instagram has already done a remarkable job with combining all the features from apps like TikTok and Snapchat and the forthcoming tools are nothing but good news for both the users and the company.