Increasing Saturation of colors using Photoshop can be tricky. Sometimes the colors appear dull, especially when we shoot in RAW and also when the light is overcast. It requires us to increase saturation of colors. By saturation, we actually increase the intensity of colors. Every single individual uses different ways to increase saturation. Most commonly used way is to use the Saturation slider in Photoshop. This may work fine but it has an inherent problem and it tends mostly over saturate colors.

Though using Saturation Slider may appear to be the easiest way to increase saturation but is doesn’t let you take proper control. LAB colors give you proper control over each color while increasing saturation. 

Saturation Slider in RGB color space also works on lightness of the colors and eventually increases contrast along with saturation. This may or may not be desirable. 

In RGB, you start with blackness and add varying levels of Red, Green and Blue brightness to increase intensity of a particular colour. Whereas LAB uses the three channels namely “L” (lightness), “a” (Red/Green) and “b” (Blue/Yellow). It may sound strange way of working at first, but when you get used to it, it can be quite easy to implement for increasing saturation and/or even correcting / altering a particular colour.

In this video, Rajneesh Panwar shows how to saturate colors using LAB Mode. 

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