Sometimes you look at a photograph and it makes you wonder about the story behind it, the thought that went into making it. The image just doesn’t leave your mind. It enraptures you and makes you stare at it again, and again, and again.
It’s those photographs that we are here to talk about and to let you in on the formula for success.

So what is the secret to taking that perfect shot every single time?
Well there isn’t any magic button you can press for it. But what you can do is open your mind, get creative and follow these tips to achieve beautiful photographs each time.

1. Simplicity is the key

The more you complicate it, the more difficult it will be to balance your frame. Keep it simple, focus on your subject and try to bring out the essence of it. Don’t crowd the image. Let the subject breathe.

2. Notice the background

Always, always take note of the background. Ensure its as you’d like it to be and there are no unwanted elements in the frame. A bad background can take the focus away from the subject and towards that bit of trash you didn’t see while taking the photo.

3. The Golden Hour

This is something even the amateurs know about. But just knowing is not enough. Wake up in the morning and make use of the soft light of dawn. Stay until sunset and capture the lovely hues of dusk. Chances are that thats when you’ll create most of your magic.

4. Train your mind

A photographer will always segregate beautiful frames in his mind, every waking moment. Train your mind to start thinking that way. Before you pick up your camera, you should already have a clear picture of the shot in your mind.

5. Play with light

You could always play safe and work with the light right behind you, but that’ll give you a very flat photo. Instead, experiment with different lighting, its positioning, play with highlights and shadows and see what you can create.

6. Invest in books

Photography books with the work of masters in them are always a good buy. Observe how they’ve created photographs that have come to be known as masterpieces. Try and recreate them.

7. Apt ISO

This will depend on what time of the day you’re taking your shots, how much light is your subject exposed to. Is your subject going to be moving? Or do you want to capture something in the night sky? Choose your ISO judiciously, a higher ISO will give you a grainy image.

8. Flash it during the day

The flash is not only to provide light, but also to balance excess of it out. Use it during the day to diminish strong shadows and even out the exposure.

9. Practice

Art is an ongoing process. You will never cease to learn new things. Practice daily, no matter where, no matter when, no matter with which camera. Think of it as a musician’s riyaaz. Without it, a photographer will not grow and become better.

10. Create a rapport with your subject

This will bring you better photos, natural smiles and comfortable settings. It may also get you a repeat session with ease.

11. Don’t look at your back screen

Every second you waste looking at the photo you’ve taken, you’re missing out on a moment you might’ve captured. A split second too late is a perfect shot missed. You can view all your photos later, just not after every click.

12. Make your camera your 24/7 companion

Yes its tough to carry a DSLR around everywhere, but what about a smartphone? As long as the device allows you to take photos and make memories, you’re good to go! A good photographer doesnt need a top of the class camera to create that perfect shot, he needs precision and his skill.