Well, dogs. Who does not LOVE them? If you want to capture the CRAZY moments of the dog, then you need to photograph them. Dogs are the most amazing form of species existing on the planet earth and they are the most loyal as you already know. If you are an animal photographer or you love to capture your very own dear pet then the following tips are for you. They will help you in capturing your sweetheart dog in the best manner possible.

Let us see How to photograph your dog.

  • Try to click your dog naturally and that is something very important. Do not create any fancy condition and when you are busy with something just capture it as it is because these pictures will ultimately come natural and authentic, this will add some amazing charm to the photograph. Set your camera and appropriately place the frame and capture your dog. Although this is a basic tip but extraordinarily amazing as naturals are the best and will give a great effect.
  • Another impeccable way to catch your dog is to capture them by making them busy and this will get you some super photographs. Get some squeaky or chewing toys and throw them in any safe direction and catch their reflexes and you will get some very good snaps. Your dog will make sleek poses and aesthetic efforts to catch them and they will then be in their best forms. This way you will be able to capture their body moves and their zeal will be depicted in the pictures.
  • Do not use the flash when you are clicking your dog, capture them in raw and natural sunlight. This will highlight their moves. The flashlight can also be bad for the dog’s eyes and health as it emits extremely strong and toxic light radiations. That’s why it is recommended to capture dogs under natural light as it will keep them unbothered. To enhance the quality of pictures, one can also integrate the use of the back button of the camera which will significantly improve the quality of the picture and will minimize the shots taken to capture the dog. By using the back button, one can easily capture running dogs as well which is hard to do otherwise. You do not want to harm your dog in any way and that is something very important.
  • Set the camera on the same wide-open aperture. It will make the captured image perfect and three dimensional. Get low on your body and click dogs as it will capture their body and background in a stupendous way.


The dog is loved by one and all and you need to take care and capture the best moments which it gives you just like for a human. Follow these tips diligently and capture the dogs in a precise manner. You will surely get some amazing memories to cherish your time with your pet.