If you are a photographer, then apart from clicking images you always worry about the safety of your images specially while travelling. Most of us use the old time trusted Hard Disk Drive (HDD). Though it is affordable, it is prone to crash specially when subjected to extensive jerks while travelling. 

We now also have a SSD which is a new technology. Though it is creating waves, it is very expensive. Have seen many photographers including me have had our set of confusion regarding making the right choice. 

Let us first understand what is the difference between a HDD and SSD.

A HDD has magnetic movable parts which when subjected to lot of jerks can get damaged. Since there is also a motor inside which moves these parts, it is subject to get slow over time. Owing to moving parts, the read and write speed is slow. 

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In comparison a SSD (Solid state Drive) does not have any moving parts and it is blazingly faster than its traditional counterpart. Because of the same reason, a SSD is also small, compact and portable.

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In this Video, Jassi Oberai talks about these differences in depth and also reviews SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD. 


While HDD is an established technology, it is prone to crashes. On the other hand, SSD, even though it’s a new technology, is more reliable. It is still not widely accepted because of its high price. It will be interesting to see how people react once the price gets affordable.