Photography is a new rage and with every passing day we see loads of new faces taking up this hobby. Talk about the glamour and that opportunity to get famous, is attracting youth to this like never before. Some people do get distracted by the exorbitant costs attached with it.
But I believe photography can be pursued even with shoe string budget. You can not only start but take it deep even if you have limited budget.
Let me share few tips on how to start photography if you are on a tight budget.

  1. Have a Smartphone? Start Now
Image shot using a OnePlus Phone

Smartphones are the best starting points. You have already invested in a good smartphone and if you understand the way it works you can actually start creating great images. Smartphones have some limitations specially when it comes to shooting in extreme low light conditions but if you find a way around that limitation, you can create stunning images. And if you have a smartphone which allows you to shoot in RAW, then you can fly with your passion.
Another tip to shoot great images with a smartphone is to focus on composition and do not stretch its limits on technical aspects.
There are some wonderful and really powerful photo editing apps available to download for free. My favorite is Snapseed. Learn the tips and tricks to process the images clicked using mobile phone and give them that professional touch.

  1. Entry Level Cameras Are Awesome
    Statements like – “For great images you need a professional level camera” are highly misleading. Today the entry level cameras are really good and are equipped to help you create stunning images. Yes, a pro camera will certainly create better images but if you are good and expert individual behind the camera, it is difficult to differentiate the camera from the image.

The above image is created by an entry level camera Canon 400D and has won an award as well. It actually does not matter if you as a photographer know how to create images.

This portrait is clicked using Panasonic Lumix G9. In short, don’t let budget constraint deter you from starting.

  1. Start Where You Are
    Start in your neighborhood. Travelling is expensive and am sure you do not want to travel to exotic places just to learn. Starting where you are, the streets, the markets, the winter fog, your neighborhood park etc. are the best places to start and hone your skills. And then you can drive down to some interesting spot accessible in the area within a couple of hours’ drive. Use Sunrise and sunsets to create stunning images in your neighborhood areas.

Flowers in the park can give you some interesting ideas. Try macros to create some stunning images.

  1. Learn to Visualise
    Ability to visualize is the key. In the end it is not what camera you have but how well can you visualize and compose. Camera will capture what you frame or compose. A best camera in the hands of a novice will get bad images and a mediocre camera in hands of an expert will get you stunning images.
    Do online search to seek inspiration from stunning images created by experts and try and emulate them.
  2. Master Your Camera
    It really does not matter which camera you own. What matters is how well you understand your camera and its controls. Best photographers fail in crucial points when the subject does not give you time. Master you camera and understand that as back your hand.
  3. Understand Camera Settings
    The first thing that you do after purchasing your camera or even smartphone is to learn how different settings like Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO impact your images. Learn why an image appears yellowish in early morning or sunset shoot. These do not cost you money. A simple online search for these terms will give you enough material to read and practice.
  4. Practice, Practice and Practice
    Practice makes a man perfect and it is true even for photographers. Practice as much as you can. It costs nothing. Benchmark your own old images and try and improve upon them every day. This is the key.

We do hope that you liked these simple tips and would love to know your opinion in comments.