The whole of life on Earth is affected by the pandemic. It’s a battle for each one of us to cope with these days of social distancing. But creative minds can’t be locked down; minds which stimulate to evolve will find ways to follow their passion somehow. If photography is your solace and talent, then this time can prove to be effective to nurture your baby talent and make it grow into a huge passion and art.

The situation is tough for one and all and this is something that everyone needs to keep in mind. So even if you want to pursue a hobby or take up something professional has to be done based on the rules and this is something very important that you need to keep track of. Photography is loved by many people and that is something that one likes to enjoy time with it and some people do it for bread and butter too.

We are here with some tips which could help you find new ways and means to keep up with the good work. Though you can’t wander around your mind can. They can help you to get the photography done simply and that also safely, which is a need of the hour for one and all. There are lots of people who ignore the social distancing part and could land up into serious trouble so make sure you do not ignore this one.

The Sky can be our Savior –

Reduced human exposure to the environment has caused it to flourish and get cleaner. We are endowed with a clear sky all time during the day, you can make use to click the sky with kites floating in it and clouds peeping into the camera. You can also click the night sky with the light sprinkling of stars and that helps a great deal so you can be sure that you get snaps which you can cherish for life and also enjoy it.

Be Friends with Nature
You can click trees, leaves, flowers, or anything that constitute nature. Macro photography can change the view of your photographs and add life to the frames. This will give you some really good shots and you can enjoy your time completely with it.

Make The Non Living as Living

Still, life objects can be of great use. Look for the things that are available at your house. Antique jars, showpieces, a pretty mug can be made living when you know the correct way to click.

Pets Come To Rescue
If you have a pet at your house you have got your main subject. Dogs and cute can look adorable when clicked at the right time. You can spend time with them and polish your art.

Make Use Of Lights
Artificial lights can add the X factor to your photos. Fairy lights, colorful LEDs can produce eye-catching frames.