Fashion Photography is one of the most popular and sought after genres in photography. With the mushrooming of fashion brands and with consumer demanding quality stuff, fashion photography has gained immensely in popularity index. Fashion photography however is much more than clicking an image of a pretty model in good attire. Today I am sharing 5 best and simple to implement tips which will certainly help you position yourself as a good fashion photographer.

Create the Concept

Fashion photography is much more than taking images of the gorgeous models. Working as per a concept is the right way to approach this. Talk to your client, understand their viewpoint, their expectations and create a concept accordingly. This will require lot of brainstorming and may be creating multiple concept from which you will finally decide on the concept you will use.

Lighting is very Important

Lighting helps you create mood. Lighting helps you bring out details of the fabric. Usually photographers prefer studio so that they can control lighting. Outdoor lighting is gaining popularity but it’s very different from studio lighting. It’s important to make best use of ambient light and balance it well with fill light to create the mood.

Experiment with Camera Angles

Choice of camera angle can give you a unique image. Though there is nothing like a perfect camera angle but experimenting with different angles will help you get some interesting perspectives resulting in unique images. Some commonly use camera angles other than Eye Level Shots are- High Angle Shots, Low Angle Shots, Aerial Shots etc. Whatever you use just remember that it should complement your main concept that you have created.

Pose the Model Right

Posing the model right is almost as important as lighting in Fashion Photography. This is the reason why most photographers prefer working with an experienced or seasoned model who understands the act of posing. An inexperienced model can prove to be a nightmare. It is important for a photographer to understand fine aspects of posing so that he can deal with challenges posed while working with inexperienced models. High Chin in an eye level shoot does not work. Clinched fist or stiff fingers also ruin the final image. Whatever your concept is the model should look relaxed with her pose.

The most important tip is to ensure you do not ask the model to get into a pose and ask her to freeze till you manage the shot. She will always look rigid and stressed out. Speak to her and tell her what you want and tell her to be natural.

Work with a Team

A team is not just you and model. A good team is you, model, make-up artist, hair stylist, stylist and may be even a fashion coordinator. Even if you are working on shoe-string budget, then also you must hire the services of a Make Up Artist and Stylist. The smaller the team, the challenging it becomes to execute a quality shoot. And do not forget to give due credit to your team. No one wants to work with anyone who tries to hog the limelight even for the work done by team.