Black and White Images are classy. They are simple and yet evocative. Though they may appear simple because of lack of complex colors, they are certainly not easy to create. Though creating black and white images is a complicated process, here are 3 simple steps if followed will help you take control and get better results. All these steps are to be seen and executed while taking the shot.

  1. Look for Shapes and Texture
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In color photographs, color itself plays an important role in making an image work. When you remove colors, you have to rely more on the textures, patterns and shapes to make an impact. 

Look for textures on the skin, patterns on leaf, tile patterns on floor, light play through the window or anything else which has shapes, patterns, geometry and textures. These will always help you create stunning black and white images. 

E:\Blogs Future Forward\2021\January\Images\BW\petals-5100957_1920.jpg
E:\Low Resolution pics\Portraits\Exhaling Life.jpg

Image by Jassi Oberai

  1. Find Contrast
E:\Low Resolution pics\Landscapes\Low Res\_26I2247.png

Image by Jassi Oberai

In initial days everyone tells you avoid contrasty light. Do not shoot in mid-day light or even fog makes it dull. I personally find harsh light as a handy tool in creating good black and white images. 

Harsh light creates distinct and well defined highlights and shadows. These make the image more dramatic. One simple tip is to set your camera to Black & White Picture Profile while still shooting in RAW. This way you will be able to see a close version of what you will get on LCD screen.

E:\Blogs Future Forward\2021\January\Images\BW\trees-1025783_1920.jpg

Not only high contrast, but low contrast also works very well. Scenes which have lot of fog and devoid of contrast also make great black and white images.

  1. Stay Simple and Minimal
E:\Blogs Future Forward\2021\January\Images\BW\spiderweb-2357659_1920 (1).jpg

Shooting simple and minimal images always work better when shot as black and white. As I shared earlier as well, colors may complicate the composition and when you work on minimal compositions, it is better you shoot them in black and white.

E:\Blogs Future Forward\2021\January\Images\BW\minimal-4089042_1920.jpg

What is you need in these images is an interesting simple subject, strong composition and right amount of light. And these need some good visualization. They will always catch viewer’s attention.

We would like to add that, these are good starting points a creating stunning black and white images. Good post processing is another important step in creating good BW image. But remember that is just the second step. You will still need to follow these simple steps which can be imported into Lightroom for further work.