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Top 10 Mistakes That Cause Blurry Pictures

One of the most common and most difficult-to-answer question among photographers is, “WHY ARE MY IMAGES BLURRY?”. And this is particularly because the reasons behind blurry pictures can be many, which makes it difficult to pin point the one reason that causes blurriness in your…

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11 Portrait Photography Ideas

Finding new ideas to try is difficult in every creative field and the same is the same with portrait photography. Whether the person is a beginner or a professional, having new things to explore is something that everyone wants up their sleeve. 1. Communication is…

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NiSi ND Filters

Being a landscape photographer always creates situations where managing light and dynamic range become a huge challenge. And this somehow pushes you into the world of ND filters. Landscape photography can be anything but photojournalism and the moment you understand this aspect, you want to…